Welcome to Allan’s School of Swimming & Lifesaving School

Individual $20 per lesson Private $50 per lesson

13a Beach Haven Rd, Beach Haven, North Shore, Auckland
021 029 76267       09 483 5416


Private swim school delivering high quality training over 25 years

What makes Allan's Swim and Life Saving School different?
Most swim schools just teach the basic four strokes, Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly. Here we teach an additional four swimming styles to cope with potentially unexpected situations when out in the water. These additional styles work other, potentially non-fatigued, muscle groups which will improve your survival time.

Water can be a very dangerous place even if your child can swim well. Our focus is on lifesaving skills it is important to know how to move in all directions without effort. Believe me these skills can save their life.


Small class sizes

We encourage an optimum of 4 students per class as we believe that students learn better in small focussed groups. However, we can also arrange for private 1 on 1 tuition by appointment, or larger groups and parties.


Tailored training

We focus on the child's individual needs by automatically assessing the child's skills at the beginning of every lesson. We believe that by monitoring children in this way it increases their potential.


Water safety

Water safety is a top priority that's why we focus on life saving skills at every stage of our swim and survive programme.